Tips for Throwing an Awesome Lingerie Shower

10444010_10101632565208187_7787736218074917042_nMy loves, wedding season is upon us!

It’s likely that you will be attending bridal showers, bachelorette parties, rehearsal dinners, and weddings galore over the summer – especially if you are in the wedding party.

Being a bridesmaid or maid of honor is a tremendous honor.  But, let’s be honest, it’s also a lot of work since weddings just seem to be getting bigger and bigger.  I personally am not a naysayer in this regard – I say, let’s do this thing.  Because I will never turn down an opportunity to party plan and drink.

One of my favorite wedding-related events is a lingerie shower.  I’ve been to a few and my maid of honor (who was the most amazing maid of honor ever) hosted one for me.  They are insanely fun and very easy to put together.  Here are some tips on planning your favorite bride’s lingerie shower:

1. Consider hosting the shower as part of the bachelorette party.  This is how my maid of honor organized things and it worked perfectly.  I first had a regular bridal shower that my mother and mother-in-law could attend (because who wants your mom to see your lingerie).  And to make it easier on my guests (so they didn’t feel compelled to go to a zillion wedding events) my maid of honor had my lingerie shower be the daytime activity of my bachelorette weekend.  It worked out perfectly (and the lingerie shower activities were an excellent transition into bachelorette night fun).

2. GAMES!  A few of my favorite games were match-or-mojito (the guests bring lingerie that is somehow relevant* to their relationship with the bride and she has to match the gift to the guest – if she gets it wrong, she drinks!); and the groom’s choice (the bride tries the lingerie on over top of her clothes and the maid of honor texts pictures of each outfit to the groom and whoever purchased the groom’s favorite wins a prize).

*My maid of honor gave me unicorn-themed lingerie.  I mean, how amazing is that?

3. Little touches.  Go to pinterest or etsy for ideas on invitations and decorations.  The food can be similar to bachelorette party fare (ladies, we all know what that means).

But here are two my favorite little touches.  First, ask the groom to write the thank you notes for the gifts.  My husband did this.   It was hysterical, he wrote things like, “Dear Jessica – that’s what’s up” or “Dear Anastasia – way to be a team player.”  My friends thought it was both hilarious and also super cute.

Second, ask the groom if he wants to secretly send a lingerie gift for the shower.  He can get something that he wants the bride to wear on their honeymoon or wedding night, and it can be the last present she opens.  I attended a shower where the groom did this and it was so sweet and the bride was so happy and surprised.

Have your own tips?  Be sure to comment below!



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