Re-Blog: Where Has the Village Gone?

This.  Just so much this.  I’ve written before on how hard it is to be a parent away from your own, and this re-blog from Scary Mommy echoes those sentiments exactly.  If you have the chance to be someone’s village today, take it!  And if you find yourself on the receiving end of help, pay it forward!  We can start re-creating our own villages today, no matter where you are.

“…Now that I am a mom myself, 30 years later than my own mom, I have realized that the village no longer exists. Where has the village gone? Every once in a while, I will have an older person (usually a woman) help me with a crying or tantruming child, but most people just stare at me in disgust and walk away. It seems people have forgotten what it was like to shop with a little one, or they just don’t care to help anymore, or they are worried that getting involved may upset the parent.”

Read the full post here.

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