Movie Review – John Wick 2

Dear Everyone:

You are welcome in advance for this movie review.  I am about to save you $30 (at least) and about 2 hours of your life!

So, my husband and I saw the first John Wick.  We are not who you would call big ol’ Keanu fans but we ARE, as you know, big ol’ fans of movies and it was the only one playing at the time.  It was surprisingly good!  Mostly because (1) we figured the movie was going to be horrible so our expectations were very low and (2) there was a lot of Russian language in the movie!  So, all in all, not a bad movie date.  Think one of the later Fast and Furiouses but without Vin Diesel or the Rock.

Now, fast forward a couple of years and enter John Wick 2.  This movie is awful.  The storyline is so nonsensical that it would probably be nominated for an Oscar if someone other than Keanu Reeves starred in it.  The writers introduced this completely different world than what was featured in the first movie, throw Keanu Reeves into and give him a backstory to make you think he had been in it all along, and then toss in a bunch of criminals from different countries so you can hear Keanu “speak” Russian, Spanish, and Italian without the slightest attempt to use an accent.  At all.  One of my biggest pet peeves in movies (looking at you Tom Cruise in Valkyrie.)

In short, do not see this movie.  Stay home and rent The Drop instead.  You’re welcome in advance.

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